Hatfield McCoy Trail a Thanksgiving holiday hot spot

Thanksgiving vacation spots

The Tolbert Family, of King, N.C. enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday Thursday while they explore the Hatfield -McCoy Trail System for the first time.

Buffalo Trails Owner Seth Peters said he was “totally sold out for this weekend.” “Every cabin and R.V. site,” Peters said. “There almost all ATV riders. Probably 150 are ATV riders. This year Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be more busy than before. All three day weekends are pretty big. It’s been a very busy year for us. One family booked for five Thanksgivings to come.”

Peters said a group of 40 to 50 people had a big cookout on Thanksgiving at Buffalo Trails.

Jeremy Tolbert from King, North Carolina said Thanksgiving was the earliest opportunity for his family to ride on the trails. “We’re just getting started,” Tolbert said. “We’re excited to be here. We’re glad this is available to us.”

Richard Tolbert, Sr. from Petal, Mississippi also enjoyed a day on the trails on Thursday. “Apparently the trails bring in thousands,” Tolbert said. “This is the thing for this generation. This is a great thing that they accept it and capitalize on it it. I like that.”

Craig Shortell from Charlotte, North Carolina said he’s visited Buffalo Trails several times this year. “It’s awesome up here,” Shortell said. “The Outlaw Trails are awesome. It’s my third or fourth time up here this year.”

Original article by BLAKE STOWERS Bluefield Daily Telegraph